Port Clinton Teacher Parade, May 8, 2020

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April 22, 2020
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May 5, 2020

Port Clinton Teacher Parade, May 8, 2020

Port Clinton City School District Announcement:

Port Clinton Teacher Parade May 8 & Virtual Teacher Appreciation May 4-8
Port Clinton School District teachers have been doing a wonderful job with remote learning, along with students and parents so this is cause for celebration. Port Clinton Federation of Teachers have a parade planned through the streets of Port Clinton on Friday, May 8 beginning at 3:00 p.m. PCFT, with assistance from the Mayor Mike Snider and the City of Port Clinton, are organizing the event. Port Clinton teachers miss seeing their students in person and they are hoping to get the opportunity to see them at a distance during the parade. Friday happens to be the end of Virtual Teacher Appreciation Week, so Port Clinton School District would love to have everyone come out along the parade route, keeping in mind social distancing, to say “Thank you” to Port Clinton teachers!

The parade will start at Port Clinton City Hall and then follow this route: South on Buckeye; West on State; North on Maple; West on Third; South on McKinley; Slight jog on Fremont Road; South on Kaspar; North on Grant; East on Alice; North on Harrison; East on Sixth; South on Madison; East on Eleventh; North on Fulton; West on Fourth; North on Harrison; East on Second; North on Maple; East on Perry; South on Buckeye; End at City Hall. A visual map of the parade route, along with Virtual Teacher Appreciation Week information, can be found at Port Clinton City School District’s website, www.pccsd.net under the News section.

Thank you to the Port Clinton Police, Fire and Rescue, Ottawa County Sheriff and Ohio Highway Patrol for providing escort for the parade.