August 27, 2019
Public Meeting
September 6, 2019

Water Maintenance Tip

Suggested water maintenance home/plumbing system tips:

  • Locate where your water service line comes into your home.
  • There will be an isolation valve, either a gate valve or ball valve.
  • This valve will need to be “exercised” by closing and opening it several times.
  • When the valve is in the “closed” position, proceed to a sink in your home to see if you have water.
    •  If no water is present – all is working properly. 
    • If you do have water running. Please contact a plumber
  • At this time, “open” the isolation valve at your water service line.
  • Each of your water connections in your home (sinks, washer and hot water heater) should have isolation valves as well.  These valves should be exercised routinely.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call the Water Department at 419-734-5522.