Port Clinton City Council Economic & Community Development Committee proudly announces the first-ever Community Flag Design Competition

Public Service Announcement from Mayor Mike Snider
July 13, 2020
Fall Community Clean-up Day
September 10, 2020

Port Clinton City Council Economic & Community Development Committee proudly announces the first-ever Community Flag Design Competition

The first community-sourced flag design, for the community we call home.

The Economic & Community Development Committee is proud to sponsor the first-ever Community Flag Design Competition. This competition is the first of its kind in Port Clinton. The competition includes sketch submissions from our own community members—historians, artists, flag enthusiasts, students, and Port Clinton residents of all skill levels—and feedback to help design and select a community flag to reinforce local pride and instill in everyone a better sense of place. We hope residents and businesses fly the flags outside proudly.

Design submissions accepted for over 45 days. Submissions will be accepted beginning Wednesday, September 9 through Monday, October 26, 2020. Sketches, written descriptions, and other ideas will be accepted electronically via email at pccouncilclerk@portclinton-oh.gov, or via phone at (419) 734-5522, extension 239. Contact information should be provided. Any file type will be accepted, as attachments or accessible hyperlink. Final flag design will be converted to EPS format.

Community survey for 7 days to select design finalists. An online survey will be open Tuesday, October 27 through Monday, November 2, 2020. Comments will also be accepted electronically via email at pccouncilclerk@portclinton-oh.gov, or via phone at (419) 734-5522, extension 239, during the same time period as the online survey.

Finalists announced November 4. Survey results and design finalists will be announced at the Economic & Community Development Committee meeting on Wednesday, November 4, 2020. If applicable, finalists will consider additional feedback given in survey and comment period and make necessary adjustments. Additional online community survey and comment period on flag finalists will be open for five days beginning Thursday, November 5 through Monday, November 9, 2020.

Final design and winner announced November 10. The finalist with the most votes wins. The winning design will be announced at the Port Clinton City Council meeting on Tuesday, November 10, 2020. Look for the winning design to be manufactured and unveiled by early 2021!

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What flag design guidelines or standards should I consider? Plan for a flag with physical dimensions of 30 inches by 48 inches, or 10 square feet; heading (fabric strip) and grommets (fastener holes) will be sewn for mounting to a flagpole. The space available on a flag, whether it is rectangular, square, burgee, pennant, or swallowtail, is fairly limited. Think about a flag waving from a downtown building, atop a local flagpole, or hanging from a neighbor’s porch. The more design elements you include in that small area, the less likely the flag will communicate anything effectively. We recommend reviewing the five rules of good flag design, published by the North American Vexillological Association (NAVA). In short, keep the design simple enough that a child can draw it from memory; use two or three basic colors or patterns that relate to what the flag symbolizes; limit text and avoid seals.

2) How strict will these design guidelines be? The guidelines are intended to serve as a helping hand for those individuals seeking to know how to begin a flag design, not to limit creativity or to provide for “cookie cutter” or clone submissions that lack aesthetic appeal to the broader community. The objective of the competition is to design an appealing flag that will earn the support of your neighbors and fellow residents and be selected as our flag to represent the place we call home. Strict adherence to the guidelines above may help, but it is certainly not a requirement in this case. Obviously, legally-protected images and language should be avoided as to allow the final flag design to reproduced and distributed.

3) Are there examples of unique flags in other communities? Yes, the Ohio City neighborhood in Cleveland is a nearby example of a burgee flag. Neighborhoods in Cincinnati have also designed individual flags. See pictures below:

Over-the-Rhine (Cincinnati)
Ohio City (Cleveland)

4) Is there a City flag at Lakeview Park? Yes, the City of Port Clinton has displayed a few flags with the City’s seal or logo on select City properties, and the same logo can be found on City vehicles and the water bill from City Hall, for example. This current competition to design and select a community flag is aimed at boosting our local pride by embracing placemaking, by sourcing the flag design from our community members in order to reflect the historical, cultural, and social identity of the Port Clinton community as well as the physical characteristics of the land we inhabit. As such, community input will be key.

5) Can I use certain design elements from the City’s logo? Yes. The current logo contains representations of the lighthouse and drawbridge, among other design elements drawn from local history. Using these elements is certainly permitted but not required.

6) Can I tell a story about my design? Absolutely. Submitters are encouraged to provide a narrative that explains the design process and gives further meaning to the design elements included in the submission. This can certainly complement the aesthetic appeal of your design. While a narrative description is not required, we will make available these descriptions during the community surveys for participants to review and consider.

7) What if I am unable to submit a design electronically? Hard copy sketches are welcomed as submissions. Please call (419) 734-5522, extension 239, to make arrangements for submission of your sketch, narrative, and other ideas.

8) Will the flag be available for purchase? Yes. The final design will be proudly manufactured in Ohio and will be available for purchase for approximately $40 dollars.

Economic & Community Development Committee

This activity is led by the Economic & Community Development Committee of Port Clinton City Council. The committee’s jurisdiction includes community planning, zoning, financial incentive programs, business regulation and promotion, and other efforts to improve the livability within the City. Committee members include Mrs. Pat Hovis, Mrs. Rosanne Hickman, and Mr. Gabe Below.