Message from Mayor Mike Snider

Snow Emergency
January 31, 2022
Republic Services
February 2, 2022

Message from Mayor Mike Snider

To the Citizens of Port Clinton,

The Blizzard of “78 hit when I was 6 ½ years old.  Much too young to remember details of the lead up and aftermath of the “Storm of the Century.”  However, what I do remember is waking up to whiteout conditions and no power at our home in the 800 block of Madison Street.  I don’t know how, but Dad discovered that family friends on 10th Street had power.  Dad tied an extension cord around Mom and I and we walked the two plus blocks to the Burr’s home.  We spent the next several days playing board games, keeping the fireplace going and eating bowl after bowl of onion soup as, for some reason, Mr. Burr had come home the day before with a 50 lb. bag of onions.  Forty-four years have passed, but I still remember the lesson of neighbors helping neighbors in times of need. 

Last night, the weatherman used words that gave me reason to pause. “Catastrophic weather event” and “Inevitable storm with heavy snow impact” were two phrases I have never heard someone who seems to be more wrong than right say on live TV.  After recovering from the initial shock of what I just heard, I immediately flashed back to my time at the Burr’s.  Although the details of that week in “78 elude me, the message is still the same today.  I would like to take a moment to ask your help to increase the probability that in another 44 years we can all look back on the Blizzard of “22 in a similar fashion.

CHECK ON YOUR NEIGHBORS: Port Clinton is one of the oldest (in age) communities in Ohio.  Age aside, this weather event is going to be difficult for all of us.  Tonight, please check on your neighbors.  Offer to get them some food if needed.  If able, be there to shovel when this is all done.  If your neighborhood loses power, please provide assistance. 


After you have checked on your neighbors, conserve heat.  Bring everyone into one room in your home and when possible, close off all doors to that space.  Put on extra cloths and cover up with blankets.  Do not operate generators or liquid fueled heaters in your residence, as the carbon monoxide they produce may be fatal.  Contact the electric company.  As more people contact First Energy, they are able to pinpoint any issues and aid with their response/recovery time.

First Energy Outage Reporting:

–        1-888-LIGHTSS (1-888-544-4877


–        Text: OUT to 544487 (LIGHTS)

EMERGENCY: 9-1-1 is always available for an emergency.  Police Chief Dave Scott has made arrangements to secure 4-wheel drive vehicles from officers on his department and other community resources to help with response.  Fire Chief Kent Johnson will be operating the fire station with two engine companies along with the standard EMS response crews.  The Street Department has organized into two 12-hour shifts to plow, respond to down trees blocking roadways and other hazards such as ice shoves and shoreline flooding.

 SNOW EMERGENCY: Effective 8 AM on Wednesday, February 2nd a Snow Emergency will be in effect throughout the City of Port Clinton.  This means that parking on all City Streets is prohibited and violators will be subject to a ticket and tow.  The Ottawa County Sheriff may also declare a Level 1, 2 or 3 Snow Emergency.  As a reminder … Level 1 = drive with caution; Level 2 = conditions are hazardous and drive only if absolutely necessary … Level 3 = only emergency vehicles are permitted to drive on roads/streets anywhere in Ottawa County.

If we work together and look out for each other, we can swap stories about the Blizzard of “22 this summer at M.O.M.  Allow me to borrow a saying from our high school … WE ARE — P.C.!!!  In addition, we will get through the next few days if we look out for our neighbors and friends.

Mike Snider


City of Port Clinton